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hsp-nile-blue-op-sys-2-ofYou will be pleased that there really is a source where 5 decades of research and practical experience come together to equip treatment rooms for the health of the clinician and the patient!

Why did HSP and True-Four-Handed dentistry come into being?  What makes HSP unique?

♦  Dentists and hygienists need physical comfort; they want the best possible ergonomics.  They personally report having more severe pain than any profession and fewer options to mitigate that pain.  They retire earlier and with more disabilities than any other profession because of back, neck and other musculoskeletal issues.
♦  Clinicians need and want greater productivity, organization and capability.   They are either directly improved by OR limited by the design of their operatory equipment and the chair-side methods available to them because of that equipment.
♦  Dentists need and want to maximize the space available for the best possible return per square foot.
♦  Clinicians need and want to integrate technology more simply so their attention is more focused on the procedure and the patient than using the technology.
♦  Dentists want operatory equipment that has the highest possible return on investment and makes the most of the qualifying tax deductions and tax credits.
♦  Clinicians want to know that there are other successful practitioners that have achieved their goals because the operatory equipment leveraged their skills and protected them and their patients.  They want assurance that the equipment and the correct chair-side methods were thoroughly researched first and have been proven over the long term with dentists, that they would respect and admire.
♦  Dentists want operatory equipment to be reliable, low maintenance and simple to service.
♦  Clinicians want asepsis and safety for their patients, their staff and themselves.

The outcomes are focused on the health of the dental team and that of the patient.  This is a truly “win-win” solution.

To begin, we invite you to click on this link Why HSP? in the Video Gallery for an overview of our solution. Then you can learn more in The Comfortable Dentist series videos.

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ENJOY!  HSP is delighted you have stopped by!

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