Time is Money


The professional’s asset is time.  Whether it is an attorney, a CPA, a physician or dentist, income potential is solely dependent on the time available to perform procedures.  Attorneys, CPA’S and physicians have a significant advantage over the dental professional in that they are able to employ para-professionals to perform a significant portion of their work and then they can review, correct, or refine this work to meet professional standards in a time efficient manner.

The use of your dental assistant is limited by legal and professional standards to non-invasive procedures.  Therefore, the gross income of your practice is limited to the time you have available to perform these procedures.  A concept called Four-Handed Dentistry, developed in the late 1960’s, incorporates time and motion efficiency into the practice of dentistry so that the dentist can use 100% of the chair-side capabilities of their assistant.  Productivity increases of up to 100% and more are possible using an organized, fully trained chair-side assistant with ergonomically designed equipment.  Significant reductions in operator stress and fatigue are achieved and the quality of dentistry IS IMPROVED.

Dentists want HSP’s unique equipment because the combination of the correct operatory equipment design and education creates the synergy between Doctor and assistant.  The reduced time required for procedures, allows the dentist to treat more patients or more fully treat the same or fewer patients while leading to greater income potential.

This is why every dentist is eager to “Call HSP to learn, and earn, more.”  Time is money.