A Difference in Philosophy

Traditional, or conventional, sit-down dental equipment has been designed by dental manufacturers to fit their perceptions of the requirements of sit-down dentistry.  No clinical or university research in time and motion efficiency has been applied in the design of their equipment.  Their perception of improvements in dental equipment has historically been what HSP considers cosmetic changes.  All other companies’ traditional products are “me-too” in design because they look and function exactly alike, and most doctors say they can’t tell one brand from another.

HSP has operated since 1969, on a totally different philosophy:

HSP designs and manufactures dental equipment and systems that meet the specified criteria derived from time and motion studies at The University of Alabama School of Dentistry, and several other major dental schools, that allow a dentist to provide better patient care, have better health and increased personal productivity.

The design of every piece of HSP equipment has incorporated the criteria developed from these time and motion studies.  The only way to increase your personal income using traditional equipment is to work longer hours which increases your stress and fatigue and can negatively impact the quality of dental care.

HSP’s systems are the only systems on the market today that allow you to increase your productivity and increase your income potential.

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