Dr. Albert Ousborne

Practice location: Towson, MD

HSP client since:

Mr. Michael A. Muscari
Health Science Products, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Michael:

Having worked with my new treatment room equipment, I felt a sincere desire to send you an endorsement and testimonial. I have been heavily involved in ergonomics and time and motion studies from the beginning of my career, 35 years ago. I originally purchased Chayes dental units because of their ease of use and functional design. Having used them for over 30 years, replacement parts became a problem.

As you know, I went to the Greater New York Dental Meeting and walked the floors for three straight days, seeking replacement equipment. To my amazement, none of the models demonstrated were truly ergonomically designed. Despite the fact that salesmen were claiming their ease of use, I found them, to my astonishment, to be very difficult to work with, to say the least.

Reluctantly, I ordered a complete operatory from the largest, and supposedly highest quality, dental manufacturer in the United States. We placed a whiptype dental unit in the treatment room, together with a new chair and doctor’s and assistant’s stool. Believe me, it was like pushing a Sherman tank around from the beginning. I kept saying, “Maybe it’s me because of my habitual ways of practice.” Perhaps, as the dental dealer noted, I needed more time to adjust. Well, the rule is that it takes 34 weeks to create a new habit. In this case, I gave it 6 weeks before happily sending it back to the Dealer. There is no way that I could physically work turning, twisting and reaching for instruments, nor could my assistant efficiently support me with my team approach. The design of the unit was forcing me to practice the way it was made and not how I knew I needed to practice. In addition, the whip design blocked my vision on lower anteriors, especially during facial preparations.

I’ve been in dentistry a long time and am physically able to produce in the upper 5% of the United States. Using the new equipment that I was sold, I could only do half the productivity in a complete day and I don’t mind saying that, by noon, I was completely worn out, emotionally and physically, as was my dental assistant.

Once the equipment was returned, I was asked to consider another large manufacturer’s equipment. Laura, my assistant, and I had it set up in a pattern similar to our operatory in size and shape and spent considerable hours brooding over the fact that this, apparently, was going to be the best that American equipment had to offer. At the age of 60, 1 began to think about how long I really wanted to practice and, as you know, I have a tremendous passion for dentistry and my work. I really contemplated quitting dentistry, if this was how I’d have to practice.

Shortly thereafter, serendipity stepped in as I looked upon my desk at a FAX that had arrived showing your equipment and concepts. I literally got tears in my eyes; my emotions overcame me. I couldn’t believe that there was a dental equipment manufacturing company continuing to produce equipment designed for true fourhanded dentistry. It truly was a God send to have found HSP and Laura and I immediately flew down to Birmingham to see, in person, what we couldn’t believe was being produced. We spent the day, touring the factory, seeing how the equipment was built, and comparing it to other dental units and chairs. It was highly impressive to see handcrafted quality and custom manufacturing to produce a unit that is truly ergonomic, efficient and effective.

I chose a special mulberry color for my patient chair and stools and placed my order for the purchase of a complete operatory of equipment. It was immediately obvious to me that I had found the answer to my prayers and I knew I would be practicing dentistry in good health, emotionally, physically and spiritually, from that point on. I purchased the HSP unit, patient chair, stools and light on January 17, 2000, and the equipment was installed on Friday, April 21, 2000, exactly as promised. The installers were very professional and accommodating to my requests. To date, we have not had any problems with the equipment, since their departure.

There have been many factors with the equipment with which I have been pleased. I know the HSP dental chair is so sturdy, since it is constructed of all steel with an aluminum frame. It really is stable. My patients are comfortable and, with the narrow, thin back, it allows me and my assistant to get very close to the patient when performing procedures. This helps avoid any back, neck or arm strain. The chair has classic good looks and will not go out of style. I love the programmable foot control with a single circuit board, knowing that all I have to do is touch the button with my foot and I can go to work. Once I’m finished, it’s just another touch and the patient is immediately exiting without pushing a cumbersome unit out of their way. My assistant finds the rounded, smooth contours of the chair make it much easier for her to clean and disinfect after each patient for efficient turnaround.

The dental stools are soft, supportive and very comfortable, as well as stable. They look great with the new unit. We also find them easy to maneuver with the five roller castors on our tile floor, much easier than any we’ve had before.

The dental operatory light has been a true joy with it’s automatic on/off sensor. When we wave our hand under the light, patients really react and we explain to them its just another high tech idea that prevents contamination, since we no longer have to touch switches. Incidentally, I find the light pattern perfect. It does not shine in a patient’s eyes and focuses exactly in the mouth.

The dental unit is simply wonderful. I know it is extremely well built with industrial and aircraft quality components, but the most important part of the unit is the basic concept underlying its design, and that is to allow true fourhanded dentistry which today seems clouded with what I term artificial fourhanded dentistry. My assistant and I do not have to reach over, bend or turn for instruments as with the other manufacturers lines of equipment. They force me to do these movements which physically exhaust a dentist by the end of the day. Not this unit!

The new swing mounting arm and light post that rotates around the toe board of the chair has been just great. I like it a lot better than the rear mounted arms that we saw in other showrooms which get in the way of your feet. You and your assistant are constantly battling with a bar hitting you in the shins. Your design works exactly as you explained and the unit and light rotate to the opposite side of the chair, should a dentist have need to accommodate another dentist or hygienist who is left handed.

In summary, it is my pleasure to endorse your equipment. I happily paid you in full, up front, in keeping with your policy for building custommade equipment, but I must admit, at the time, I was questioning in my mind if I was making the right decision, since I did not know of you or your company. Now that I have everything installed and working, I realize that this unit and chair have been custombuilt specifically for me and I can appreciate why you have a nonreturn, nonrefundable policy. Obviously, it’s an act of faith on a dentist’s part when he does not know of this equipment and makes the decision. This is a leap of faith that can be trusted. It will deliver.

I want this letter to be seen by you, your associates, and your future buyers, because I want everyone to know how pleased I am with the entire operatory of equipment. I certainly would look forward to purchasing 6 more rooms over the next 4 years to complete my entire office, since we are working on a strategic plan timetable.

My advice to other dentists would be that you are very fortunate to find HSP equipment systems and that we should all work hard to spread the word, because it will improve every dentist’s life, physically, emotionally and physiologically. I welcome any dentist’s inquiries and I want you to know that it is my intent to demonstrate your equipment whenever it is possible, even if it means using my office as a showcase. I believe in your product and I believe in the concept so wholeheartedly that I will willingly donate some of my time to help others in our profession realize that there is a better way to practice. Please feel free to use this letter with any dentist who is interested in HSP dental equipment. They may contact me at the above phone number if they so desire.


Albert L. Ousborne Jr, DDS

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