Dr. Ron Foust

Practice location: Knoxville, TN

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Mr. Michael A. Muscari
Health Science Products, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama

Hi Michael,

I wanted to share with you an experience that I had this week. As you know I do massage therapy on a regular basis as a part of my health maintenance. I had an interesting conversation with my therapist. Cynthia asked me why I did not have the same issues that the other dental professionals, dentists and dental hygienists, seem to have with their skeletal muscular systems. I told her of my delivery system, HSP, that I believe to be the most ergonomic system available to the dental profession. I told her that I have been using it for many years and how it has helped with the muscular issues that I once had. I also told her of my work with you and CaringQuest’s Comfortable Dentist. I thought that you might find her comments interesting.

Ron Foust


Ron Foust

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